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Full - Candidates must be solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations for more than one year, or their main source of income is from Journalistic activities.
Trainee - Available to candidates who are solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations but who do not possess the one year's experience for full membership. After a period of one year they will automatically become a full Member.
Student - Available to those candidates who are on a full-time training course or sheme in Journalism or Public Relations which is recognised by the institute. If you are applying for Student membership, please enclose details of the university and course being attended.
Affiliate - Available to candidates who work at least part-time in an area related to Journalism.

Subscription Rate * A CIoJ Student Press Card can be issued in this category for an additional payment of �2.50
# After one year a full membership subscription will be payable whether or not training is completed
Full Member�195.00
Trainee(in employment), First Year�97.50#
Student(full time), First Year�NIL

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